AS a novice photographer, I wanted to challenge myself. Thus I began the 365 day challenge, where I need to take a photo or write something everyday.I chose with the very broad topic "The World Around Me" because my desire to become a capable photographer has it's roots in the desire to share the world how I see it. This is a journal to document my journey!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 54- Sun Doggie

I am not going to lie, I probably should have gotten a speeding ticket when I rushed home to get my camera to capture this rare sight. It was a rain free day and yet there was a rainbow circling the sun.


  1. I saw that happen with the moon once, much less colorful but equally amazing. It's wonderful that you were able to capture this on film.

  2. Wow, April May, that's a beautiful shot! Great! Have you ever captured the Northern Lights by any chance?