AS a novice photographer, I wanted to challenge myself. Thus I began the 365 day challenge, where I need to take a photo or write something everyday.I chose with the very broad topic "The World Around Me" because my desire to become a capable photographer has it's roots in the desire to share the world how I see it. This is a journal to document my journey!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 33- Elite Aspirations- Aiming to be a Hero

Local Boyscout
These men were escorting the beam from the World Trade Center

I snapped this picture as the above men were heading out of town. It was really nice to see their bright smiles. These men have served their country and are surrounded by the sacrifices our countrymen have made. It was a nice reminder that there is still a lot in life to smile about.

High-school Band playing taps. I love his solemn expression.

This is the face of a boy who is looking down the path of how he wants to become a man. He is listening to a moment of silence, knowing that the path he chose isn't the safest. He has fears but faces them. Still in high school, yet deciding to put himself in harms way for the greater good. He is a future hero, he is a junior marine.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!! I hope you enjoy these patriotic photos. They were taken over the course of the parade and ceremony in front of our veteran's monument. It was a very emotional day for our town given that we recently lost one of our hometown boys.  As Americans, it is our duty to remember that freedom is never free. Freedom must be taken, when freedom is given it can be taken away by the givers on their whim. Thank you to all those that have served and sacrificed.

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